Best Gift for Me

Best Gift for Me

I received luckybot as a gift from my husband. This is the LuckyBot chocolate extruder for a 3D printer. It's attached to my ender 3 pro and as you can see it does actually print chocolate. Here I would like to give you a set of pointers or helpful tips that will help you print chocolate successfully if you happen to purchase LuckyBot food extruder.

luckyBot is an add-on product for your 3d printer, so basically it is just the
chocolate extruder by itself and then it requires you to modify your 3d printer to accommodate this device.

I started by taking apart the hotend of my enter 3 pro, and replace the original hotend with the luckybot food extruder.

LuckyBot can satisfy your demands for different dimensions in 2D or 3D. When you have a dessert shop or a coffee shop, or you have an upcoming wedding or just something to have a little bit of fun with.

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