Collection: Problem Solutions

Chocolate Printing Troubleshooting

Fault phenomenon

Possible causes








No ingredients flow out



Incorrect preheating

Preheat at constant temperature for 20-30 minutes. Please put the tube back in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and repeat the preheat operations if over-preheat.

The air inside the tube

Invert the tube and shake to expel air.

Ingredients contain granules

Please use ingredients without any added granules for printing.

Nozzle clogged

Unclog the nozzle or replace it with a new one.

E-steps value not set to 750 mm/s


Adjust the E-steps value to 750 mm/s.

The tube and the inside of the LuckyBot are stained with water

Ensure all parts of LuckyBot are dry.

Low bottom temperature

Increase the Bottom Temp. by 1°C.

The side door cannot be closed during printing

There is a residual ingredient on the inside of the base

Clean up the residue with a fine needle or cotton swab.

Unshaped print

Excessive printing temperature

Adjust the temperature of the sidewall or bottom.