How LuckyBot enables food 3D printing?

How LuckyBot enables food 3D printing?

Do you want to give your best friend a piece of chocolate with the shape of her face for her birthday? LuckyBot is now making it possible.

Similar to regular FDM 3D printers, LuckyBot applies the same technology. Based on a model you design yourself or download, it deposits a food-safe 3D printer filament (for chocolate, ketchup, and other flavors) onto a build plate. One layer at a time deposits the edible filaments into the shapes you desire, building a three-dimensional model of the food as it prints.

Removing the original printhead of your FDM 3D printer and putting in the LuckyBot make food printer conversion in a few minutes. Simple wiring and non-destructive disassembly allow your printer and LuckyBot to run smoothly. And high compatibility enables LuckyBot to match most of the FDM 3D printers on the market.

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