LuckyBot 3D Chocolate Printer

LuckyBot 3D Chocolate Printer

Will you eat 3d printed chocolate? What do you get when you combine your 3d printer with the dark chocolate?
It's 3d chocolate printer!

3d chocolate printer

LuckyBot chocolate 3d printer may just be the most delicious thing. It's easy to learn 3d food printing experience. We've had a lot of fun using LuckyBot and we also could eat our mistakes during the 3d chocolate printing process.

LuckyBot food extruder is probably the biggest advantage of 3d food industry. It's cool to upgrade the 3d printer into a food machine. You need to replace the hotend with LuckyBot food extruder.

The chocolate should be tempered before printing. Don't forget to place the filled tube in the refrigerator for about 90 minutes , chocolate will shape better by this step

You can load a SD card into the printer with your print files. Need to run the “For Luckybot” gcode file before executing the print file. It is an automatic program to modify the E steps/mm of your printer = 750 .The ideal printing room temperature would be 15~24 degree. The chocolate is hard to shape better if it's too hot.

Pre-extrude to observe the status of the choco. Pre-extrusion aims to make sure that the chocolate meets the printing standards after preheating.

Whatever success or failure, they both taste equally sweet. So just enjoy it.

chocolate 3d printer



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