LuckyBot Chocolate 3D Printer: Something Special for Halloween

LuckyBot Chocolate 3D Printer: Something Special for Halloween

luckybot food extruder for 3d printer

We love chocolate as much as 3D printing and that’s why we are highlighting today the different ways that exist on the market to get 3D printed chocolate.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it would be a good idea to make some spooky stuff with chocolate.

It is indeed special way to get 3d chocolate: you may design a 3d mold – a ghost, a pumpkin, an owl – then slice and 3d print them with chocolate. Whichever mold you prefer, your friends or famly members will be surprised by this food technology!

Need a new printer? LuckyBot 3D chocolate printer would satisfy your needs with limited budget.

Founded in 2013, Wiiboox quickly established itself as an innovator and market leader in 3D industry. It has developed the 3D food printer which is capable of extruding chocolate in all its forms.

It is not only a chocolate 3D printer but also a food printer that can print peanut butter, ketchup, cream, cheese, fruit Jam, mashed potato, salad sauce.

With LuckyBot chocolate 3D printer, chefs are able to to make many different chocolate decorations to decorate desserts.

These are the great works by LuckyBot chocolate 3D printer.

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